How long does it take to build muscle

How long does it take to build muscle.

Do you here and there get eager concerning why the consequences of your exercise are not appearing? In this article, I'll share how long it takes for your exercise efforts to start showing off. 

Built muscle
If you've ever complained that all your exercise efforts are not showing, if you question yourself ,why have I been working on my abs and I can't see the abs.

Why I have to lifter up my muscle mass. I know we have all been guilty of these things at one time or the other, but the fact is, when it comes to working out it's not magic.understand what to expect from your body.Think about the years it took you to add on whatever weight, it is you are trying to lose or to grow into whatever body, it is that you are attempting to chip away at.

In that same light, I want you to know that, it'll equally take a reasonable amount of time for you to get the results that you are after. It's not going to happen overnight. You have to patiently put in the work through your exercise and of course allow the process to take its course until the results begin to show.

When you just begin a new workout routine, several changes occur in your body.

There are 7 changes that will in your body :

• Stage 1 : More energy

The very first stage is the stage,where you feel alert and energized, and you have more blood flow to your brain. 

• Stage 2 : DOMS

The next stage, which is the stage that people dread the most is where you experience DOMS, D-O-M-S Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This lasts for about 72 hours. If you've ever worked out and experienced pain the next day, that was DOMS that you experienced. So don't fall into the trap of just stopping the exercise altogether keep at it and trust me after 72 hours, it all goes away. 


• Stage 3 : Mitochondria Biogenesis

In this stage, it's not physical and it's something that goes on inside your cells. So the cells of your body has this part called mitochondria.

When you just begin exercising, the production of mitochondria increases. The benefit of this is that, mitochondria is the part of the cell that helps convert fat,protein and carbs to fuel that is now sent to those muscles that,you are working out and remember that your heart is also a muscle. so when you exercise it gets bigger and it pumps fast and gets stronger. 

• Stage 4 : More Endurance

This stage comes, after six to eight weeks of exercising, you begin to feel more fit and that's, because mitochondria production has gone up by over 50% in your body. At this point you get to build more endurance, that's why you see someone, who has been working out for a long time, not getting tired,where as someone who just started working out would lose energy much faster.

If you are able to work out consistently for up to six months, then you are less likely to drop out. Most times people drop out of working out,before they get to six months.

• Stage 5 : Muscles Begin to Form.

So by the sixth month of your working out, if you were concentrating on strength training for instance,that is training and exercising with weights,you'll notice that the building muscle fast and muscle begin to form, When you can physically see, some one who has been consistently going to the gym for six months focusing on strength training begin to show muscle growth.This is the best way to build muscle.

• Stage 6 : Increased VO2 Max

So this stage happens after nine months of consistent cardio workouts. If cardio was your focus after nine months you begin to reap the benefits fully.

There's something called vo2 max, the rate of transport of oxygen to your muscles for fuel is at an all-time high.So higher vo2 max just means that you can run faster for a longer time. I mean you have vo2 max should resemble far up here.

• Stage 7 : Reduce Osteoporosis Risk.

This stage comes after one year, your bones become denser and then this reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis in simple terms just means that your bones are more porous than the average person. So by exercising consistently over a period of 12 months, you would have built denser bones. After one year, you'll now be looking at exercising as a lifestyle for the long term.

Then you can now start talking about benefits that transcend beyond your body. Some cardiovascular diseases like arthritis type 2 diabetes some types of cancer heart diseases literally just go away from you. Exercising avoids, unnecessary drugs that you don't need because you were exercising.

So the inquiry "How long does it require to assemble muscle" is cleared at this point.

By the time, if you are consistent, determined, disciplined you gonna start to see results,you have to give, whatever it takes to build muscle,you are the master of your mind, control your thoughts,but always have patience, because empire's are not built in day.

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