Best biceps exercises - Top 5 biceps exercise

Best biceps exercises - Top 5 biceps exercise

The most focused muscle group and make your look sexy, that is biceps muscle group,The top 5 biceps exercise and how you can improve your overall biceps development. 

Best biceps exercises - Top 5 biceps exercise

1. Barbell preacher curl : 3 sets of 12 reps each.

Instruments you need : Preacher bench and a straight barbell.

Things you need to keep in mind : The first thing you need to check is how wide your grip should be. That means how wide should you hold the bar. The grip should be held at 12 inches. Also, you must place yourself on the bench properly.

And then, whenever you release the bar downwards, Bring it down as slow as you can. while moving through the full range of motion. It Means, when the barbell comes down stretch the biceps fully and when you lift the barbell up do the full range of motion again, which means squeezing the biceps. Release it slowly. Stretch your biceps here,and when you lift Squeeze the muscle. 

While lifting do keep in mind that, you do not have to lift to the extent, where your elbows lift up from the bench. Elbows must remain glued to the bench. Also, do keep in mind that when you release the bar don't lift your shoulders unnecessarily. The shoulders should be backwards . Whenever you lift Breath out and squeeze your muscle

2. Standing dumbbell biceps curl : 3 sets of 12 reps each hand.

Instruments you need : Dumbbells and high incline bench,

This exercise is the different version of Preacher curls, you have to use dumbbells, because you can target the muscles individually.

Very simply Place your elbows on the incline bench, Release the dumbbell downwards slowly and Whenever you release, the dumbbell make sure you stretch the biceps completely, so that the muscle long heads of the biceps, can fully stretch and when you lift Squeeze the biceps at the top completely.
And release it slowly, Stretch and squeeze. Whenever you lift the dumbbell up Breathe out. It should be done in a very controlled way.That is why you have select a moderate weight. So that you can perform the exercise in a controlled way. Do adjust the bench according to your height. Again, Make sure you don’t lift your elbows from the bench. 

Best biceps exercises - Top 5 biceps exercise

3. Standing barbell Curl : 3 sets of 8-12 reps each.

Instruments you need : straight barbell

Grip : shoulder width or if you want to measure 16 inches.

It  is  one  of  the.  favorite   exercises  of bodybuilders and gyms-goers. It is very basic, almost everyone can perform this.

Whenever we lift the bar, it must be in a very controlled way and through the full range of motion. squeezing the biceps at the top once your biceps have been squeezed, you have to bring the bar downwards And keep in mind, Bring down the bar in a very controlled way, Slowly. Bring the bar down until the biceps are fully stretched. At that position, your biceps are fully stretched,that means the muscles are now ready to lift the barbell again. Breathe out when you lift And just squeeze your biceps.

Also, many people in the gym put a lot of weight on the barbell and keep swinging their bodies. This causes the unnecessary strain on the spine and the working muscles biceps being a very small muscle. Whenever you do barbell curls,or reverse barbell curl, Keep the chest lifted. Stretch it fully. Squeeze, Stretch, Stand straight, through out the exercise. 

4. Lying One Arm Cable Curl : 3 sets of 15 reps each hand.

Instruments you need : D-handle grip and cross-cable machine.

In this you have to use a D-handle grip, on a cross-cable machine, in the lowest setting,and The reason to perform this exercise is that earlier,we have already done some exercises, with dumbbells and barbells. The reason to do it, with cable now is that this is an isolation movement, which provides a good pump to your biceps.

The inner head, the outer head and the peak. For the overall development of biceps, we have mixed and matched these exercises.
It's simple. After attaching the D-handle. Take D-handle grip, on a cross-cable machine lie down comfortably with the back straight Make sure, the weight you have selected, is hanged on your biceps. After that, pull the cable and squeeze the biceps fully. Release it slowly and stretch. Whenever the weight is moving against gravity,Breathe out.

Best biceps exercises - Top 5 biceps exercise

5.Dumbbell hammer curl : 3 sets of 10-12 reps each hand.

Instruments you need : Dumbbells

So whenever you lift, lift the dumbbell inwards through the full range of motion and in this,You can use a little jerk ,while doing hammer curls, so that you engage this particular muscle in the exercise. Breathe out, when you lift the weight up. 

So the topic"Best biceps exercise"is cleared.

Over the top,many other exercises are there like, barbell wrist curl,cable seated row etc,but these were some of the exercises for biceps workout, which have helped me a lot and I'm sure these will help you all too .

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