How can I loose weight fast - Top 5 ways

How can I loose weight fast - Top 6 ways.

Losing weight and burning fat has, become the essential fitness question in nowadays.
Due to fertilized food,packed food, junk food, many people are suffering from obesity,not even thinking what they are feeding to their body.This is because not realizing the importance of fitness.The problem is not only suffered by both mn and women,but also in teens , youngsters. Sometimes the fat,will go to the next level, that they have to go with weight loss surgery.

Weight loss
Weight loss

So here are the 6 important tips for fat loss.

1. Calorie deficit: calculate your calories through BMR, then multiply with 1.3, now this is your maintenance calorie on daily basis, to conquer your goal of weight loss.

Decrease approx 500-1000 calories from your diet. This is the basic process of weight loss. Don't keep your body in starvation mode by doing this you will get more hunger and by the time you will eat a lot.if everything is going right, you are doing hard work, exercise, diet, but if you are not ready to decrease calorie, you will never gonna get success.your input (consumption) should be less and output (exercise) should be more, this will help you in weight management.

2. Macro balancing: It defines the balancing of carbohydrate/ protein/ fat = 30/50/20 % in fat loss goal, carbohydrate should be less than the protein, fat approx 50-70 grams. Carbs and protein should be in 1:2 form, for example if you consume 200 of protein,your carbs should be 100.

Concentrate on eating 2-3 Carbs feast (Complex Carbs) and 3 No Carbs supper. 

Complex carbs (Slow Digesting) are: Oats, Brown Rice, Brown Bread, Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Millet, Brown Rice cake, Wheat Roti, Wheat Pasta, Beans, lentils, etc

Evade Simple Carbs (Fast Digesting) or in Moderation are: Fruits (with low fiber), White Bread, white potato, White Rice, Fruit Juices, Sports drinks, and so on 

Eat Protein food in each feast: Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Mutton, Milk, Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Paneer, Soy, Whey, Casein, and so forth

Eat moderate Fat food: Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Peanut butter, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, Salmon fish, Whole egg, Olive oil, coconut oil, etc, this will help you has fat burning foods.
Add weight loss drinks like green tea for weight loss approx 2-3 cups per day.

3. Cutting down sugar and sodium: If you suddenly try to decrease sugar and sodium(salt) fully, will be so difficult to manage,so instead consume 1/2 of what you are consuming in total on regularbasis, for 2 weeks, next 1/3 in upcoming weeks, 1/4 in last week. Don't consume more than 2400 milligrams of sodium. If you can do this, this will be fabulous and insane. You gonna decrease fat so fast and it work as fat burners.

weight loss

4. Salad: If we talk about salad most of people consume this only with their normal meals, they don't even eat full salad, because of other foods. So try to take 2 meals of salad separately in a whole day.

The best time to add salad in your diet plan is 30 minutes or 1 hour before main meal,
this will help your stomach to keep full and you don't try to consume more food and this will help you in calorie deficit.following this healthy diet helps you in breakdown of main food and the enzymes, micronutrients helps you in good digestion.

5. Workout: The most important workout is cardio in weight loss, try to do this minimum 2 to 3 days per week, if you have massive weight, then 5 to 6 days per week.

Do this exercise while you have empty stomach, like before breakfast, evening or night.Don't get focused on doing more reps lifting more weight, in "weight training" focus on cardio more. You can track your exercise and workouts through fitness planner . There are many weight loss programs for women and as well as for men follow any one of them and be consistent, focused and motivated.

Fat loss supplements

6. Supplements for weight loss:

  • Whey isolate: It will help you in cutting down your weight, because you don't need unnecessary sugar, lactose, sodium, cholesterol, fat etc.

  • L-Carnitine: This supplement helps you in fasten up your fat loss. You can take this early in the morning before cardio or any workout. It also helps to keep normal blood pressure,and prevents from low blood pressure. If you are a beginner consume 1.5-2 grams, maximum dose is 4 grams per day.

  • MCT oil: This supplement helps in your fat loss in the targeted body part. It is also available in normal medical store. Consume it with empty stomach 1 tbsp or before sleep.

  • Garcinia Cambodia: This supplement is rarely known by the people. Helps in your appetite suppress,it helps in reducing starving problem and this helps in your calorie deficit. One serving 30 minutes before your dinner.

  • BCAA: In many cases during weight loss, they also loose the muscle mass, this supplement will helps to prevent muscle loss, you can add these during workout (intra workout) it is an essential amino acid, it is not produced by our body. So it is essential to add in your diet.

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