Why fitness is important


In the present occupied world, occupied life all are occupied with their own undertaking. Individuals are doing distinctive stuff without intuition it is useful or not. This world isn't in any event, envisioning are they going towards progress or they are in the way to Ruin their life. 

The Ignorance of this world is got up to the level, that you are failing to remember the essential pith of their life.

WHY fitness is important/necessary of physical fitness
Physical activity

The basic essence is fitness. Your body is your resource without that you can't make progress. Without this actual body , you can't accomplish your objectives. 

In the present life whether it is mature age, adolescent, men, lady, even kids students,most of these individuals are pushed and baffled in their life. 

In this serious world everything is going hard.so to handle that the greatest and best pressure buster is active work. 

The majority of individuals has they heare the actual work or wellness, going to the exercise center, lifting the weight.but actual work in the sense you can do any active work like running, walking, jogging, playing different kind of games.Doing this stuff's can increase your blood flow in your body and feels your fresh all day. You should realise the importance of physical fitness.

By doing this kind of activities, it will bring down the stress level dramatically. You will get good sleep to wake up next day and to conquer your success. It will also help you to sleep faster in night and increase your deep sleep capacity.
If you are a student, it will help you in your exam also. Functioning of our brain is very important for everyone.
Doing physical activity will release a hormone called  Endogenous Harmonwe also called has feel good hormone. It is very important for you to decrease anxiety, stress,depression.it will kick out the negative thoughts in your mind and allows the positivity in your body.if you feel fit your confidence level will get increased and you will do better in your life, and you will get the capacity of stress coping. And your weight will be in control, the risk of high BP,high sugar,heart problem, cancer will get low. Your metabolism will get stronger to fight with this disease.you can just do a simple thing just has walking doing cycling, there are many benefits of cycling,jogging etc.
Teaching your children, making them understand why fitness is important also a great parenting skill. In now a days the parents are taking this too lightly for their children. Many women also suffering from the diseases has Breast pain obesity etc. So the cure pill is fitness.

Why fitness is important/necessary of physical fitness
physical fitness

Fitness is a lifestyle. Doing exercise will also help you in good sex, increase your testosterone level in men and Estrogen in women.But remember that too much is too bad, if you are doing more sex or over excessive masturbation. it will take you to muscle loss and many health disorders, like hair fall, grey hair,also it will effect on your digestive system, which will at the end cause you low weight. For your body protein is also very important,Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body utilizes protein to fabricate and fix tissues. you use protein to make enzymes, hormones, other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.so you should realise the importance of protein and have a good food with high protein. You should know the sources of protein like red meat,  chicken, pork  eggs . In veg chickpeas, peanuts, greengram etc, these are some food with high protein.remember that your body is your asset don't destroynit. eating junk food, packed food eating out will never give you a healthy body.including fibre in your diet will also maintain your blood sugar level,heart problems, diabetes. You should include antioxidant food in your diet.
 The best cancer prevention agent sources are leafy foods, just as items got from plants.Some good choices include blueberries, raspberries, dark chocolates .

Exercise will increase your life span, it will also increase your metabolic rate, the rate at which you burn calories. physical exercise will replenish ATP and Glycogen storage increase,will get many more benefits like bone health improvement, can slow the loss of bone density ,weight loss, reduced obesity ,weight management, burn calorie ,increase muscle mass.and also through supplements.

The benefits of physical fitness is not only in just physical body ,it will also help you mentally there are many mental benefits of physical fitness, like it will increase in enkaphalin and endrophin,this hormone will increase your feeling of well being,it is also called feel good chemicals. It improves your mood, and gives you enough energy.
Improve brain function, improve blood circulation, fitness will also help you in personality development likes increasing self esteem ,confidence. Also helps to reduce fatigue.Fatigue can cause a  vast range of other physical, mental and emotional symptoms including: chronic tiredness or sleepiness. headache, dizziness.it will strong your immune system and reduce of being sick frequently. Ig
You are more active ,you can work more in your whole day. If you are addicted to bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs which will harm your body, to overcome this one of the way is exercise.
Daily exercise will also increase your life expectancy and your quality of life will get increased. But the main thing comes here is consistency, it doesn't matter if you are in any field frequency is very important.
Keep your goals small to meet the target and do your work instantly. Take it has a fun ,you can go to gym, you can choose a friend together you can workout, that will motivate you and also your friend. Have persistence it requires some investment to show result. Since domains are not inherent a day. There are many variety of exercises like strength training, cardio activity, crossfit etc.it will help you in cardiovascular and respiratory improvement, pump greater volume of blood in your heart which is surrounded by cardiac muscle, develop more red blood cells ,lungs become stronger, reduction in health risk factors, reduces diabetes, metabolic syndrome.

physical activity should be your daily , make it has a part of your life, part of your day. Because health is wealth once it gone it cannot be retrieved again.

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