How long should a workout be

How  long should  a workout   be

The most common questions, in Fitness industry,and most common interviewed question for bodybuilders .how long should a workout?

I will discuss here the ideal workouts length. So what is the optimal time frame or period of time to exercise,for an effective workout session,from the time you begin your first set, until you complete your last one?

Is it 45 minutes?
Is it an 60 minutes ?
2 hours? 

Well, the truth here is that there really is no single “best”answer. 
The simple guideline, that I would give here is that your workout can last, as longer as you need it to as long as your overall training intensity, your energy and your mental focus has not significantly declined.

When your workout length in the gym, begins typically, drifting further and further into the upper ranges, your mental drive and your physical performance will begin to steadily should understand the gym game perfectly.

This has 5 main consequences.

1.Exercise :

 The specific exercises,that you perform towards, the end of your workout, are not going to be executed with optimal focus and intensity and this will negatively affect the stimulation, of which ever muscles you’re attempting to train. 

2. Focus 

 Because of  your overall focus has dropped, you may also be increasing your chances of injury due to less than perfect form as you become increasingly fatigued. So, it’s impossible to put an exact time frame on when this will actually, become a practical concern, because it's going to be affected by several factors.

  • The first, is what type of workout you're doing. An all-out leg workout consisting of squats and leg presses and romanian deadlifts is going to take a lot more out of you than a moderate intensity bicep and tricep workout. So, the specific muscles that you’re training and the particular exercises that you’re performing will play a huge role in how long, you can effectively sustain your strength and your energy levels.

  • The Second factor is nutrition. The consistency of your diet, in the 12 to 24 hour, period prior leading upto your workout, can have quite a measurable impact as well. So if you ate poorly, the previous day and in the hours leading up to your session, then you can expect a drop in your overall performance, and vice versa.

3. Fitness level

It also depends on your individual fitness level. So some people are simply more well-adapted to weight training, due to their experience level and their individual genetics, and this affects, how long they’re able to effectively train for.


4.  Mood and Motivational :  

 So, your mind plays a huge role in the outcome of our workouts and in pretty much everything else that you do in your life and if for what ever reason you’re feeling particularly pumped up and motivated to lift, on a given day then, you’lllikely be able to train, effectively for longer periods. So stay determined, hit weight training,strength training etc.
Feel that "when I work in the little gym,spend the time on my body, did exercise an hour overtime",was crazy.

5. supplementation:

When taken half an hour or 45 minutes before your session, a select few pre-workout supplements can give you the extra mental focus and the strength that is needed, to proceed with your exercise for an all-encompassing timeframe if vital. So, because of all the potential factors that come into play, there’s really no necessity to put a specific time, frame on your workouts in terms of minimum and maximum length.

For  most people in most situations, you’re probably going to be looking at a workout lasting any where in the range of 45 minutes, probably up to about 90 minutes from the time that you perform ,your first working set until the completion of your final working set. This excludes your warm ups. This is just an estimate, however, but in any case, don’t obsess over the specific time frame of your workouts. Just make sure that,

1. you’re getting all of the necessary work done.

2.  you’re not taking any more rest in between sets than it is absolutely necessary,

3.  That you’re able to maintain a high level of focus, strength and intensity all the way through in order to effectively stimulate your muscles and maintain proper form at all times. 

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